The project Applied Musicology and Ethnomusicology in Serbia: Making a Difference in Contemporary Society – APPMES, led by Dr. Ivana Medić, Principal Research Fellow of the Institute of Musicology SASA, began on 1 January 2022. The project is financed by the Serbian Science Fund – programme IDEAS. 

This project introduces a new research field in Serbia, which is also innovative in global coordinates. Applied musicology and ethnomusicology use knowledge to influence social interaction and direct the course of cultural change beyond typical academic contexts, thus linking knowledge with social activism and responsibility and focusing on publicly visible and practically applicable results. Applied ethnomusicology entered academic discussions about fifteen years ago, while applied musicology is a novel research area. By defining applied musicology and providing case studies for both applied musicology and ethnomusicology, as “hybrid” disciplines at the junction of science, culture and art, we aim to redefine their role in contemporary society and make an impact on global research trends, by showcasing their successful implementation in Serbia. Simultaneously, we will highlight how our disciplines can contribute to the betterment of Serbian society, by preserving and promoting our musical heritage in local and international contexts through performing practices, safeguarding initiatives, creating digital archives, and other forms of public dissemination. 

Our four work packages offer complementary theoretical, thematic and practical perspectives of applicativeness: they are structured around the problems of interweaving academic and applied ethno/musicology; safeguarding music as cultural heritage; teaching autochthonous performing music practices (including musics of minority groups); and organizing various educational and cultural events. 

Our team includes 14 researchers, including one researcher from the diaspora. Since starting the project, five young team members have completed their PhDs and been promoted to Research Associates. 

Expected results of the project include: individual presentations and expert panels at international conferences; monographs, edited books, articles, critical editions of scores and archival recordings; organization of exhibitions, concerts, festivals and other types of curatorial work; free public lectures and educational workshops. Due to the nature of the topic we are dealing with and our scientific field that combines science, art and culture, our project attracts a lot of attention and provides opportunities for various types of dissemination and public presentation of the results, which, in turn, increases its visibility and relevance.

The overall goal of this innovative project is to move musicology and ethnomusicology out of academic confines and actively put them in the service of improving the lives of the population in Serbia (domicile and migrant) through various activities. These include: educational activities, such as workshops, seminars, public lectures and round tables; safeguarding and presentation of musical and cultural heritage; preservation and revival of traditions that are facing extinction. One of the goals of the project is the global presentation and promotion of Serbian culture through participation in international conferences, publication in prestigious journals, and last but not least, creation and promotion of a digital archive of Serbian musical culture.

Our team:

Dr. IVANA MEDIĆ, musicologist, Principal Research Fellow, Principal Investigator Head of the project APPMES

Dr. BILJANA MILANOVIĆ, musicologist, Senior Research Associate, head of WP 1

Dr. DANKA LAJIĆ MIHAJLOVIĆ, ethnomusicologist, Principal Research Fellow, head of WP 2

Dr. JELENA JOVANOVIĆ, ethnomusicologist, Principal Research Fellow, head of WP 3

Dr. MARIJA DUMNIĆ VILOTIJEVIĆ, ethnomusicologist, Senior Research Associate, head of WP 4

Dr. KATARINA TOMAŠEVIĆ, musicologist, Principal Research Fellow, Director of the Institute of Musicology, SANU

Dr. NATAŠA MARJANOVIĆ, musicologist, Research Associate

Dr. VANJA GRBOVIĆ, musicologist, Research Associate

Dr. MARIJA MAGLOV, musicologist, Research Associate

Dr. BOJANA RADOVANOVIĆ, musicologist, Research Associate

Dr. MILOŠ BRALOVIĆ, musicologist, Research Associate

Dr. MILOŠ MARINKOVIĆ, musicologist, Research Associate

Dr. MELITA MILIN, musicologist, Principal Research Fellow 

Dr. JELENA NOVAK, musicologist, Researcher from the diaspora (CESEM, Lisbon, Portugal)

Administrative staff:

Secretary of the Institute: MARIJA HAUK, B.Sc. philologist

Head Accountant: MILENA SIMAKOVIĆ, B.Sc. economist